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The Way to Happiness
Providing moral guidance in the secular arena
Moral precepts of The Way to Happiness
A grassroots campaign to restore values
Reducing crime and violence
Community leaders speak out about The Way to Happiness
Discover the Facts About the Scientology Religion and Its Activities
Teaching trust, honesty and self-respect
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Thanks to the pioneering work of social reformer Greg Capazorio (above, lower right), thousands of South African inmates have turned away from lives of crime and self-destruction through the Criminon programme. Says Capazorio, now Criminon's president, The Way to Happiness is "key to success in restoring personal integrity and self-esteem."

Community leaders speak out about The Way to Happiness
Throughout the world, The Way to Happiness has been acknowledged for re-introducing concepts of morality into society, as the following small sample of accolades received illustrates.

The goals, and the patterns, and the methods of The Way to Happiness seem to me to be about as dramatic a response to the prayers of the forefathers as could possibly be contrived.... Methodic faceted ways to improve the moral, the physical, the intellectual aspects of the culture in which we live."

— Alex Haley
Author of Roots

After reading The Way to Happiness I have to say that the observation of proposed conduct and attitude to life and the world around us coincides with the laws of the Islamic religion and way of life to a large extent. Following these principles the world we find ourselves in should change for the better."

— S.S.
Islamic Centre and Mosque
London, England

After all that we have been through, I see The Way to Happiness as a way of hope for a better future for everyone. This book is valuable for cities in difficulty and especially for those areas which are destroyed totally, and where people are suffering the losses of war. If all of us had had a chance to read this book before, maybe this would not have happened. I also do not know if we would have been allowed to read this book under the former government. I do not even know if I would have been allowed to apply some of the precepts. Now, with our newly won freedom, we have the chance to read this book and create a new country.”

— Dr. Valton Beqiri
Dean of Faculty of Music Sciences
Prishtine, Kosovo

As a pastoral counsellor I am in contact with lots of people. My main interest is improving their 'life quality' ... that [requires] a humanistic ethic which is greatly described in this booklet.”

— W.L.
Pastoral Assistant
Catholic Rectory
Zurich, Switzerland

The Way to Happiness is a useful and valuable guide to better living. I sincerely hope that it will contribute to increasing tolerance, trust and understanding in society.”

— R.U.
former Minister of Foreign Trade

God bless you and The Way to Happiness Foundation. In the environment that I and my fellow Macedonians are surrounded with — war in our next-door neighbourhood — a gift like this luxurious book is a feeling indeed like getting a gift from the heavens. Because in this book there is so much humanity, love, compassion, and above all wisdom accumulated for centuries back, that one can revive from loneliness, sadness, hatred and worst of all, death. I read your book for one night, literally in one breath and I felt a richer and happier person.”

— Martin Trenevski,
former Minister of Information
Republic of Macedonia

I have received the wonderful book The Way to Happiness. While reading it I found it [to be] one of the most moving and touching ways to speak about life and the horrible senselessness of war. My suggestion would be to print as many copies of the book as possible in all languages and distribute it to groups of people all over the world.”

— Eduard Kukan
former United Nations Ambassador
in a letter to The Way to Happiness Foundation

A booklet to straighten out our society. I am enthusiastic about this booklet and would like to give each member of the board of our association two copies.”

— W.G.
Samaritan Association
Brienz, Switzerland

This little book is a moral and ethical miracle that we will drop in the middle of our society hoping that its message is transmitted to all social layers and every corner of our homeland. It is not a religious or political message but it is a universal message. In all parts of our country we find passions, selfishness and ambitions tending to take us away from The Way to Happiness. If Colombia applies the teachings of this book, it will become another peaceful, honest and respectful country.”

— Hector Olivia
former Minister of Interior Republic of Colombia

Due to The Way to Happiness Foundation Russia, we had a chance to find and read this book. We consider that distribution of this work is not only a charitable action, but it can also be an applicable campaign that will serve the principles of goodness, truth, moral and social stability. The words, the sense of the book, is in a very simple and convenient form for the reader so children or adults can read it. We are glad to support The Way to Happiness Foundation Russia and help in your actions wherever it is possible.”

— L.V.N.
House of Friendship

Some time ago I happened to read The Way to Happiness, published by your Foundation. This booklet pleased me very much for different reasons. I was really impressed to learn that the way to better living may be stated as a practical guide to man's everyday activity. Moreover, it is stated in such a brilliant simple way that it is almost impossible not to be convinced by many statements and not to [recognise such] great advice from its author. I am not a young man and know for sure it is a very difficult thing to speak in a simple and uncomplicated way about the truths that had been discussed many times and by many wise people. I think this thin yellow-blue booklet is worth many large philosophical books.”

— V. C.
Professor of Philology
University of Vilnius, Lithuania

We appreciate your initiative in sharing with us The Way to Happiness booklets during your visit to our programme. Precepts of the booklet were [used] in making our learning curriculum on values. We find the common-sense values are just what these children need to learn ....”

— Edgar Mejia
Philippine National
Red Cross

Inspired by the precepts of The Way to Happiness, you have taken the initiative to clean up the litter left along the Reuss River. It is very uplifting that some adults and children have taken the initiative to keep our environment clean, and I want to thank you very much for this activity.”

— K.L. Community Administrator
Buchrain, Switzerland

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